Main Building’s scariest site

Greensboro College has a fair amount of interesting history and urban myths, but none of them come as close to the definition of utter creepiness as the “doll room” on the third floor of Main Building. Every year the graduating senior class presents a new doll to add to the collection, typically decorated in some way which represents a major event that occurred during that year.

The room is small, and gives one the feeling that they are being constantly watched. As you pace around the room, beady, little eyes from generations of dolls follow you, daring you to turn your back for longer than a second. Nearly every doll looks like an ancestor of Chucky – each with the same murderous tendencies.

The senior classes have added dolls to the collection ever since Greensboro College was an all-female college, which explains why there are only female dolls until 1954, when the college began to accept male students. After this, there have been two dolls added, a male and a female, for every graduating senior class. The room also hosts memorabilia donated by alumni, including a painting of Peggy Ann Johnson Sabiston, a student of the class of 1958, painted by the first male student to attend the college.

Main Building itself has an interesting histo- ry as well, considering that it has caught on fire three times since the college was established. The first fire was in 1863, which forced the college to shut down for 10 years. The college bought fresh materials to construct a new build- ing, but those resources were confiscated by the Union to aid in the Civil War. The second major fire was in 1941, after the building was struck by lightning. It was only partially burned the second time and was soon restored completely.

During tours, people can see for themselves how unsettling the gaze of a multitude of dolls can be, or how active they truly are. There are those who say that the dolls happen to be haunt- ed by the ghosts of Greensboro alumni, but it is not known whether or not they are happy to stay here and wander the college forever. The doll presented by the class of ’24 is said to be particularly active.

If anyone wishes to see the room for themselves, they simply need to ask, or wait for a tour on Oct. 31. However, for those who want a more active experience, Haunted West will take place on Oct. 24, where the entirety of the male’s dorm is turned into a haunted house.

The corner doll, 2019.

By Jacob Ruddy

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