The Collegian is Greensboro College’s official student news source.

Current Staff

  • Breanna Adamick, Executive Editor
  • Heaven Thornton, Managing Editor
  • Sarai Acosta, Editorial Cartoonist
  • Diana Castro-Vazquez, Staff Write/Social Media Manager
  • Taylor Cotie, Staff Writer
  • Grace Dobson, Staff Writer
  • Livi Greco, Staff Writer
  • Ashley Hawkes, Staff Writer (not pictured)
  • Kilee Kemp, Staff Writer/Web Team
  • Shawn King, Staff Writer
  • Emerson Manigault, Staff Writer (not pictured)
  • Gavin Mann, Editorial Cartoonist/Web Team
  • Karin Powell, Staff Writer/Web Team
  • Jalen Riley, Web Team
  • Chelsee Robles, Staff Writer
  • Isabella Ruiz, Staff Writer
  • Elizabeth Sharp, Staff Writer
  • Mason Thomas, Staff Photographer
  • Jordan Thompson, Staff Write/Web Team
  • Alex Trepper, Staff Writer/Web Team
  • ShaMeira Williams, Contributing Staff

Contact Us

Submit questions, comments, concerns and letters to the editors using the below webform or by emailing the Collegian privately at thegccollegian@gmail.com.


For digitized versions of the print edition, click here to go to our Issuu site.

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