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The Collegian is Greensboro College’s official student news source. These are the students, faculty and staff, private individuals, and organizations who make it possible:

  • Adelaide Elliott & Gwyneth Navey, Executive Editors
  • Alicia Arnett, Staff Writer
  • Keyondric Buchanan, Staff Writer
  • Benedict Burgess, Staff Writer
  • Timothy Crowell, Staff Writer
  • Antonio Cruz-Hernandez, Marketing/Advertising
  • Philip Deutsch, Staff Writer
  • Grayce Goins, Staff Writer
  • Josie Gold, Staff Writer
  • Beth Hawkins, Staff Photographer
  • Blake Hawkins, Staff Writer
  • Thomas Helms, Staff Photographer
  • Peyton Joyce, Staff Writer
  • Michael Kiley, Staff Writer
  • George Knight, Staff Writer/Web Editor
  • McKenzie Lester, Staff Photographer
  • Elmer Martinez, Multimedia
  • Dori Medlin, Staff Writer
  • Imaya Parks, Staff Writer
  • Cristina Samano-Romo, Staff Writer
  • Jackie Treadway, Staff Writer
  • Walker Van Horn, Staff Writer
  • Saquan White, Staff Writer
  • Shea Woodson, Staff Writer
  • Myia Wynn, Staff Writer
  • Kaila Yancy-Laughlin, Staff Writer

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