About Us

The Collegian is Greensboro College’s newspaper publication that provides students with an opportunity to write and publish their work for their peers to read. They are given the space to write about what is relevant to them and tell the story of what is happening at Greensboro College. Students discuss aspects of student life, arts, and sporting events, provide student and faculty profiles, and cover any other campus-related events, in addition to discussing broader topics and issues that go beyond our campus and relating them back to GC. The Collegian gives students an outlet to express themselves and opportunities to write and create. 

If you are interested in joining The Collegian, click here and/or send us an email at thegccollegian@gmail.com!

Our Staff


  • Breanna Adamick — Executive Editor

  • Heaven Thornton — Managing Editor


  • Sarai Acosta — Cartoonist

  • Luke Butner — Writer

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  • Diana Castro-Vazquez — Writer

  • Taylor Cotie — Writer

  • Grace Dobson — Writer

  • Livi Greco — Writer

  • Kattya Guardado — Writer

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  • Ashley Hawkes (not pictured) — Writer

  • Nigell Isley (not pictured) — Cartoonist

  • Jemya Lucas (not pictured) — Writer

  • Kille Kemp — Writer

  • Shawn King — Writer

  • Gavin Mann — Cartoonist

  • Xypher Pino — Writer

  • Jalen Riley — Writer

  • Isabella Ruiz — Writer

  • Elizabeth Sharp — Photographer

  • Jordan Thompson — Writer

  • Alex Trepper — Writer

Web Team & Graphic Design

  • Carol Brooks (not pictured) — Graphic Designer

  • Diana Castro-Vazquez — Social Media Manager

  • Xypher Pino — Social Media Manager — Webmaster

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Wayne Johns