Heaven Thornton and Breanna Adamick in the photobooth, featuring George Knight’s banana hat.

The comeback of Winter Rose

Toward the end of February, Greensboro College welcomed back an annual tradition it had not celebrated since before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread across the world. The semi-formal school dance known as Winter Rose occurred for the first time in…

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The Greenfield experience

Greensboro College welcomed Dr. Derek Greenfield, a renowned visionary speaker, who was featured on numerous sites like Huffington Post and Sports Illustrated, to Pride campus on Feb. 22. Greenfield’s event was titled “Building for Inclusiveness Excellence in the Greensboro College…

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The cast, from left to right: Eli Brown, Karin Powell, Izzy Wilson, Magnus Conway, Hannah Soots, Gavin Mann, Rebecca Hawkes and Zach Oreliana-Kennedy.

GC theatre’s production of “The Ladies Man”

GC theatre’s recent performance of “The Ladies Man” by Charles Morey featured a relatively small cast of eight actors and actresses. The story primarily follows Dr. Hercule Molineaux (Eli Brown), who is rather erroneously dubbed “The Ladies Man,” as he…

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A sapsucker tree.

Cooke’s “Sapsucker Tree” Prof Talk

The Student Honors Organization (SHO) hosted a “Prof Talk” on Feb. 9. A prof talk is an event we host at GC where professors highlight and present on their personal projects. The professor speaking on Feb. 9 was Dr. Sandra…

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