Nightlife in Downtown Greensboro

The bright yellow lights stating “The Zone”  lights up the whole sidewalk. The small brick building seems to always catch my attention riding through Downtown Greensboro. ‘The Zone Sports bar and Grill’ located on 221 South Elm St in Downtown Greensboro just two to three blocks away from Greensboro College The Zone is full-service sports bar; it offers a variety of food such as wings, … Continue reading Nightlife in Downtown Greensboro

Destiny 2 Review

In September 2014, the world was met with “Destiny,” Bungie’s first new franchise since “Halo.” It released to a mixed bag of reviews, some lauding its tight gunplay, stunning visuals and potential for hours and hours of loot-grinding, while others felt it failed to live up to its sky-high potential, only delivering a shell of a story and not including enough content at launch to keep a large audience hooked. Continue reading Destiny 2 Review

Review of “Persona 5” and upcoming projects

Last year, we finally received the Persona game we had all been waiting for and we now have confirmation of a corresponding animation and dancing/rhythm game.

For those who do not know the game, Persona is a game franchise that revolves around the same idea, but continuously changes the characters, storyline, environment, etc. Continue reading Review of “Persona 5” and upcoming projects

National Folk Festival Returns to Greensboro

The National Folk Festival is returning to Greensboro for its third and final year. This year’s gathering marks the 77th year of the festival’s cherished history. In 2016, nearly 140,000 people attended the event, and speculation points to an even larger turnout this year. The event runs from September 8 through the 10 and aims to celebrate American culture and heritage in all of its rich and diverse forms, all free of charge. Continue reading National Folk Festival Returns to Greensboro

Game of Thrones: A Book Review

By Lauren Smith, Collegian Contributor (picture courtesy of Lauren Smith) “Game of Thrones” is a long but intricately woven web of stories and well developed characters. At first, a person who picks up “Game of Thrones” may only see the size and cover of the book. However, once the reader dives into the world of “Game of Thrones,” he or she is instantly sucked in. The characters Martin writes … Continue reading Game of Thrones: A Book Review

By Kendall McLeod, Collegian Contributor (attribution unknown)             Three months ago, Pokémon: Sun and Moon were released. They certainly appear to have lived up to the expectations set by their predecessors, with a 9/10 score from IGN! Pokémon: Sun and Moon are the latest RPG games from Game Freak. Right now, they are the most popular Nintendo 3DS games. Pokémon: Sun and Moon take place in the Alola Region of … Continue reading

Understanding Awards Season

    (The New York Daily News) Awards Season is here again! Awards Season, of course, consists of those precious months when the best and brightest of the film industry are celebrated in a series of three-hour long patience marathons where indulgent Hollywood stars thank their friends for giving them awards. However, before we judge these ceremonies for their length, their irrelevance, and their tendency to … Continue reading Understanding Awards Season