The Interesting Tale of Greensboro College’s Internet Presence



Update: We have discovered the credentials to “Greensboro College Collegian.” We are going to create a new Facebook page, so we are deleting this old, defunct site. Use to view it. 

Update #2: The Issuu page has been updated with the missing articles. We are going to resume posting digital issues to that website.

Here at The Collegian, we are expanding our horizons. We are transforming from a simple newspaper to a grand multimedia experience. We are going to turn over a new leaf in our history.
Interestingly, years of editors and staffs have had the exact same idea.
These brave people have tried to give The Collegian a new digital presence, whether through Facebook or Issuu or any of a myriad of other platforms. Here is what we could dig up regarding those past efforts.
The first attempt to put The Collegian online was made in Spring 2011. The website’s domain name was, with the title simply as gccollegian. This very short-lived website apparently was still in the concept phase, because no articles were ever posted to it. However, it was envisioned to capture the spirit of our current site, as its description reads
“This blog was formed to keep the public aware of what Greensboro College has going on!!”
The next attempt to put The Collegian online was made in Spring 2012 when a Facebook site titled The Collegian of Greensboro College first posted. It posted vigorously until Fall 2013. The Collegian of Greensboro College unfortunately did not post articles. Instead, the Facebook site posted news concerning the distribution and staff of The Collegian and The Lyre.
Then, in Fall 2012, digitized copies of the physical Collegian began appearing on the website Issuu. They kept appearing until Fall 2015, when only the first and second issues were converted. The archived issues can be found at Links to these digital Collegian articles could be found on the main Greensboro College website at However, this link is broken, and must now be viewed with Internet history sites such as
At any rate, in Spring 2013, someone in The Collegian’s staff decided that for some reason the newspaper needed another Facebook account, this time simply called Greensboro College Collegian. Until Spring 2015, this alternate account posted short news “blurbs” (as opposed to actual articles) which told students about events occurring on campus as well as about the latest in entertainment.
However, during most of the Fall 2015 semester and in the very beginning of the current Spring 2016 semester, the Collegian was no longer on the Web in any way. Thus, we created this new site to resolve that problem. We plan to include full articles, current content, and extra information to make this the best Collegian website that GC has ever seen!

This article was written by Joshua Fitzgerald.

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