Trump’s Inauguration



Even though people protested and rioted, the Inauguration went, in general, smoothly. Even though people looked calm on television, the Inauguration went, in general, badly. In my opinion, in modern America, one’s perception of events is fundamentally subjective.

Before the Inauguration began, countless governmental officials arrived to view the ceremony. Some of the officials were rather unimportant; others were very important, like outgoing President Barack Obama and his wife. Eventually, the President-elect and the Vice President-elect arrived with their families.

Soon, the Inauguration began. Trump was sworn in on the Bible by the Supreme Court Justices, and several religious figures (including a Rabbi), gave Biblical quotes and prayed that Trump would be protected by God and that he would be a fair and just president. Between all of these events, Missouri State University’s choir sang, accompanied by the military’s Marine Band.

The Inauguration has been an important tradition of the United States for many years. However, days before the Inauguration, the newly elected President must create his or her Cabinet. He or she must also attend important ceremonies, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ceremony, in Washington D.C.

Even after the Inauguration, Trump also had to attend the parade in his honor. The parade was filled with high school bands, college bands, and military groups as well. After the parade, Trump drove through D.C. to go to the White House and to greet the people that waited for him. Later, he attended the Presidential Ball.

Even though all of these events seemed orderly and calm, protests occurred at the same time. During the protests, people set things on fire, broke into stores, and sent at least nine officers to the hospital. Some unhappy individuals resorted to threats and verbal abuse; Madonna threatened to bomb the White House, while other people mocked and bullied Trump’s son, Barron.

Now, Trump’s opponents are insulting and berating Trump on social media for minor mistakes. On the other hand, Trump’s supporters are insulting and berating the protesters. They are calling all protesters “rioters” and are demanding that all of the protesters be arrested (even though some are protesting peacefully).

The Women’s March on January 21st also demonstrates these ambiguities; although many protests were peaceful, some protesters initially left trash (like signs) where they protested. The speakers for the D.C. Women’s March also said many vulgar words in their speeches. Many people find this language problematic; they state that the words that the speakers used were extremely tasteless and that protesting should not involve cursing or insulting others.

Despite these issues, many people have been attempting to reconcile the pro-Trump and anti-Trump camps. Many individuals state that people who ask Trump to fail as a President also will make the country fail.

One fact is indisputable: what Trump will do next will be very important for all of the people of the United States.

Meegan McCarthy wrote this article.

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