Redemption–The UNC Basketball Season

By Tyrell Bartell, Collegian Contributor

The past year has been tough for UNC players and fans. Just a year ago, the Tar Heels suffered a devastating loss to Villanova at the buzzer in the National title game. This year, that shadow of defeat no longer hangs over their heads. On April 3rd, the Tar Heels completed their quest for redemption by beating Gonzaga 71-65 for the 2017 NCAA National Championship. Joel Berry II, who was a part of the team last year said after the game, “I wanted to see the confetti fall on us.”

What a difference a year makes! There were so many questions; how could the Tar Heels forget the unforgettable? The Heels knew that once they got to the title game, they could not lose again. Theo Pinson played a major key role for the Tar Heels all season. “It’s the hat we were missing,” Pinson said. “I told myself in the summer, fellas we’re missing one hat, this year we’re going to get it.”

Nate Britt is the adopted brother of Kris Jenkins, the guy who broke the Tar Heels hearts in last year’s championship game. This time, he got to speak for the winners. “I went home a couple weeks after that, and they already had pictures of Kris making the shot. Me personally, it fueled me.”

Roy Williams has now shown that he has healed his team; he has won his third national championship. “They try to say it’s more than Dean Smith,” Williams said. “I’m not Dean Smith, never have been, never will be. He was so much better. But I have teams that have taken me and presented the greatest gift a coach can have; to see the looks of your guy’s faces when they’ve accomplished it. There’s nothing better than that.” Roy Williams is 66 and is now the third oldest man to ever win a national championship. His resume now shines more than ever. Gonzaga coach Mark Few said, “[Williams will] be one of the Mount Rushmore types in college coaching.”

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