Welcome Back Week Events Wow Students

During the first week of school, Greensboro College welcomed its freshmen to campus with a week full of exciting events. Move-in for most of the new students began on August 18 and that began a busy week for freshman, starting with a Pride Leader reunion afternoon. This reunion gave students an opportunity to visit with the Pride Leaders they had met during the PAWS One Orientation earlier in the summer.

Later that night, the fun really began, starting off with a small group of “college housewarming party” activities. New students were able to make pots for lucky bamboo plants, make street signs for their doors and even play games using virtual reality devices outside of the Fowler Dining Hall.

The next day the freshman class took part in convocation in the Huggins Auditorium. Although not technically a welcome week event, convocation is an important part of greeting the freshman. During convocation students are given a brief history of the school and ceremonially welcomed into their new home. They are also required to sign an honor code to encourage student accountability during their time as Greensboro College students. After convocation, the new students were invited to attend dinner with Dr. Czarda in Fowler Dining Hall. Following that there was a chance to play in a game show for free money, which was understandably a popular event.

The rest of the week was composed mostly of activities that tried to foster a social environment for new students. A comedy magician was invited to give a show in the library, entertaining the crowd with both jokes and illusions. There was also a hypnotist who gave an interactive show in Reynolds Center, hypnotizing four students into participating with him and putting on several skits for those in the audience. I was lucky enough to be hypnotized and, while embarrassing, I definitely had fun pretending to be Nicki Minaj in front of my fellow students. Students also took it upon themselves to find activities, setting up a time and place for anyone who wanted to attend to meet on campus to walk to a free movie downtown together.

No matter what a person’s interests were, there was certainly something for everyone to laugh at, participate in or even win in their first week on Greensboro College’s campus.

Article by Ari Washington, Contributor
Photo: School Spirit Rock outside Hill and Greensboro Hall painted for welcome
week (Courtesy of Ari Washington)

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