Food Trucks Gather for a Cause

Picture: On the corner of Greene street, a crowd of people walk around attempting to determine which tent or food truck they’ll stop at next. (Picture by Keeley Catarineau)
By Keeley Catarineau

The Food Truck Festival in Downtown Greensboro had 50 food trucks lined up along Greene Street, Market Street and Elm Street on Sunday, Aug. 27 for a good cause.
The food trucks banded together to support “Kisses 4 Kate”, a nonprofit organization that will use proceeds to help support children with cancer and their families.
The “Kisses 4 Kate” foundation was established by a group of moms who were attempting to raise money to support Kate Thornton, a 3-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer. After the foundation gained success, it grew and now supports many families of children with cancer.
“The Food Truck Festival gives us a foundation to allow us to market our programs so that we can gain support within the community to fund all of our programs,” Laura Viers, a member of the “Kisses 4 Kate” foundation, said. “We’re five moms, we all work full time and volunteer full time and run this charity in Kate’s honor.”
The festival boasted a variety of food available for people to try ranging from mini doughnuts to arepas. The different types of food choices available in one small location enticed many people to attend and experience this event.
“I got a strawberry smoothie from the Grinder food truck and it was really good,” Raven Green, a freshman at Greensboro College, said. “The Food Truck Festival was cool because it allowed people to get out of their comfort zones and actually try different foods.”
Some of the food trucks in attendance were: Cremoso, Baguetteaboutit, Queso Monster and the Grinder Cafe. Cremoso came from Charlotte, N.C. and featured personal cheesecakes. Also from N.C. were Baguetteaboutit and the Grinder Cafe. Baguetteabout it makes sausage sandwiches in freshly baked baguettes, while the Grinder Cafe brews organic bean coffee. Finally, Queso Monster comes from Fla. and serves Mexican-American food.
“This is an important event to have because it benefits small businesses which create jobs and it provides an opportunity for people to try things they may not have been able to before,” Oriana Davis, a volunteer at the Food Truck Festival, said. “This event seemed very successful.”
In addition to the plethora of food trucks assembled, the festival also hosted live music, kid’s activities and craft vendors.
The Food Truck Festivals in Greensboro are biannual events, so if you missed out on this event, there will be another opportunity to attend one in Spring of 2018.

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