Alumnus makes his mark on the Big Apple

Lewis Elliott, alumnus of the Greensboro College theatre department, is working at Roundabout Theatre Company, a large non-profit Broadway theatre production company in New York City. He works in marketing and sales, which may not have been his projected path, but he feels confident in his work and he says it pays the bills and gives him the health insurance he needs.

Elliott is also a performer in the city. He sings and dances in gigs around the city while he auditions for shows. His says his current goal is to create love and never settle. He believes that Greensboro College provided him the guidance and structure that he needed to be ready for his career once he left college.

“Life is something – and this is going to be super guru-like – we can’t really prepare for,” Elliott said. “Nothing could have really prepared me for living in New York City. But, artistically and in the theatre world, I am most certainly prepared! I’d like to think I’m a critical thinker.”

While at Greensboro College Elliott busied himself in the theatre department with lots of activities that use theatre skills in order to structure an education and training that he needed, a flexibility which he credits to Greensboro College’s liberal arts focus and small size.

Elliott believes that the best part of Greensboro College was his professors. He said that every professor he had was empathetic, genuine and generally passion- ate about what they were teaching. Though he feels biased, he said that the theatre department has his heart. He said they create amazing work and it sometimes surprises him how good it can be in such a small school.

Elliott never actually intended to attend school in North Carolina. If it wasn’t for his meeting Professor Morgan-Hall at a theatre conference in Florida, he would have never known this was the place for him.

Lewis Elliott in New York City. Photo courtesy of Lewis Elliott.

By Grayce Goins

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