Students gather around homecoming bonfire

Greensboro College hosted its annual bonfire event on Thursday, Sept. 26, by the West Hall volleyball pit as part of homecoming week celebrations. The bonfire was one of six other events in the homecoming “come sail away” themed celebration. From 8-10 p.m. students gathered around the volleyball pit where a fire was kept alive by old wood and cardboard found on campus.

Hot chocolate and apple cider were provided along with graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows to roast and make s’mores.

Unfortunately, the temperature was hotter than usual and people could only stand to be near the fire long enough to roast their marshmallows. Despite the heat, people still came out to enjoy the event and those there early enough received free homecoming 2019 T-shirts.

The heat was likely to blame for this year’s lower turnout for the event.

“Even though it ended up being a little too hot this year, we still had a good turnout. Everyone seem[ed] to be enjoying it!” claimed Jonathan Hall, director of student engagement.

Students played their choice of music through Bluetooth speakers to add their own vibe to the school-organized event.

“It’s a great way to get to hang out with people,” said Jessica Willard, a junior at Greensboro College, during the event.

The bonfire is an event students look forward to every year as it unites students out- side the classroom, gives them a chance to meet new people and provides them a fun time with free snacks and drinks.

“It’s been pretty fun,” said Cynthia Flores, a sophomore at Greensboro College. “My team got a chance to do some team bonding making s’mores for each other and we’re looking forward to it again next year.”

The bonfire, along with hot chocolate and s’mores, will be back again next homecoming week for the Pride to enjoy.

Greensboro College students gather by the homecoming bonfire.

By Cristina Samano-Romo

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