New classes available for spring semester

Class registration for next semester is underway. As you consider which classes to take, there are many new and interesting classes being offered that you may want to fit in between your general education requirements and major-specific courses.

Perhaps the most unique class being offered is a special topics class cross-listed in the dance, religion and theater departments. In the class titled “Interpreting Scripture: What’s the Risk?” (REP 3500 B, THE 4500 D), the creators of the “Tonin’” series — religion professor and campus chaplain Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer, dance professor Ashley Hyers and theater professor Perry Morgan-Hall — will investigate “biblical parables, stories and riddles through exegetical work, movement and personal insight,” according to Brewer.

The English, communications and media (ECM) department is offering several new classes that may have cross-discipline appeal. Department chair Dr. Kathleen Keating is offering a podcasting course (ECM 3620 HY) that will utilize the school’s new recording equipment. Podcasting is a hands-on course that introduces students to several skill sets involved in audio production,” said Keating. “By the end of the semester, students will be able to produce independent podcasts.”

The ECM department will also offer a class focused on the horror genre (ECM 3400 A) taught by Dr. Wayne Johns. Johns is “particularly interested in the psychological, philosophical and theological (not to mention the political and sex/gender) aspects of horror literature and film.” The works of filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock and writers like Stephen King will be studied.

Dr. Sheila Nayar will be offering a topics in film class that focuses on people of color (ECM 2170 A) through the ECM department.

“This is a course about the politics of representation, with a focus on such representa- tion with respect to color,” said Nayar. “Today’s landscape is more globalized than ever before. Consequently, students need richer exposure to cultures, societies, ideas and histories beyond their own.”

While the class will view many older, independent and unfamiliar films, popular films like “Coco” will also be discussed.

Nayar will also teach a screen- writing class (ECM 3620 A). Screenwriting was first offered last year, and after a great response from students, the ECM department has brought it back. Screenwriting is a roundtable-style class that simulates a real writer’s room, and students will pen a full short film screenplay by the end of the semester. Nayar attended film school and has written screenplays herself.

The ECM department is implementing many of these new courses based on feedback and suggestions from its current students and because of its new equipment in the Global Communications Center.

After a brief hiatus, the psychology department will again offer a human factors course (PSY 4150 OL) taught online by Dr. Lisa Gunther, who is herself a human factors psychologist. This class explores how psychological principles can be applied to the design of user-friendly products.

In the class description, Gunther writes, “Topics will include design and evaluation methods, human-computer interaction, ergonomics, accidents, human error, stress and workload.”

Greensboro College will also offer a class focusing on the artistic reactions to the Holocaust and other genocides that can count as either an upper level art or history course. The course description reads, “Led by Professors Derek Holmgren from Wake Forest and Jim Langer from GC, students will be free to discuss and express thoughts and feelings brought up by the images and ideas presented and found in readings … films and art.”

Professors are excited to bring interesting topics in their areas of expertise to Greensboro College’s classrooms, and they encourage students to sign up for these classes, so they can be offered again in the future.

Online registration for Spring 2020 closes on Nov. 15.

By Timothy Crowell

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