Finding stability after an unconventional semester

The Fall 2020 semester was unconventional, to say the least. It is the first school year we have started since the global pandemic hit. For incoming students, that semester set the tone for what the rest of their college careers would be like. Masks, social distancing, online classes—the differences from the norm couldn’t be more blatant. So, how have these new students’ outlooks on college changed amidst the madness?

When asked how their first semester went, a freshman stated, “COVID-19 made classes mad easy. I remember that first semester I was so scared to come to school because I thought that the work would be harder. Now classes are online and the workload is a lot easier to handle.”

Easier classes and online work are the result of the pandemic. It is inescapable. For professors, it can be hard to teach a subject online, which results in different levels of workloads from the various classes. It is completely a stroke of luck getting “easy classes.” COVID-19 for college students has made classes an unknown variable.

When I began the semester, I was terrified like most people,” said Karin Powell, an acting major in Greensboro College’s theatre department. “I saw college and thought there was no way I could get through it.”

That is becoming a common feeling to have, which is only amplified by the uncertainties COVID-19 presents. However, Powell said, “As the semester went on and I got my own rhythm, I began to see it was not as bad as everyone said it would be. I had a million expectations of what everyone told me college would be and, in the end, I realized college was what I made it to be.”

She is right—college is what you make it. Powell has found her own rhythm amongst the uncertainties, which is a necessary step to take given the many new changes to our lives.

“Last semester was definitely a new experience,” said Arabella Mason, a design tech major. “While it was for sure a shock to the system starting out, my over-all experience was good.” said Mason. “I definitely feel more comfortable and prepared for what I have to look forward to.”

This sentiment was shared by Powell, who stated, “Going into college I was not sure it was for me, but now I’m excited to see what comes next.”

Excitement, comfortability and preparedness are what these freshmen are walking away with from their first semester. COVID-19 may be prevalent, but for these fighters, it is merely a speed bump on their road to success.

By Drew Rachunek

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