Greensboro small business impact

Many small businesses across the country have been impacted by COVID-19 and its effects—even right on Greensboro College’s doorstep. John Hitchcock, owner of Parts Unknown Comics, has operated his store since 1989 on Spring Garden Street, near the intersection with Mendenhall Street, less than a mile from Greensboro College.

“Business has been pretty strong. We have had to change our hours,” Hitchcock said. “Originally, the governor made us close for seven weeks, then when we reopened, I kept people up to date on Facebook. And then when we reopened in May, people came in. Matter of a fact, we’re probably doing good or better than we did before COVID.

“I’m really surprised. So many businesses have closed, but if you really cannot go to a movie, play or sporting events, you can always go and read a book.”

Hitchcock also expressed concern for fellow Greensboro business owners, “My heart goes out to people who run bars.” Hitchcock then talked about the bar next door to his shop “He was closed for seven months and the landlord did not give him a break.”

Hitchcock also brought up the closing of Jack’s Corner, a restaurant at the corner of Josephine Boyd and Spring Garden Streets. Jack’s Corner had been open for roughly 15 years.

“The question is, are there going to be other people who will pick up that mantle and make new places. Now, some of those places cannot be replaced. Locally owned, and landmarks that people are used to. I was lucky,” Hitchcock said.

By George Knight

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