New year, new coach

The beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year for Greensboro College also marks the start of Meredith Mills’ first year as coach for the GC women’s softball team. Originally from Kernersville, North Carolina, Coach Mills attended NC Wesleyan, where she received a degree in psychology with a minor in English. She began coaching softball in New Bern, NC with a travel team, before returning to Wesleyan to coach their women’s team, where she stayed for five years.

Her decision to come to GC began when she received a phone call from Coach Tuders asking if she would be interested in taking over the softball team. After much consideration and discussion with mentors and family, she decided that this was simply an opportunity too good to pass up. She likes the fact that GC is a small, private college and prefers this over a larger school.

Currently, the team is conducting off-season workouts. In the short time she’s been at GC, Coach Mills is very happy to be working here and has enjoyed getting to know her players. She is very excited to get the season started and see’s much promise in the softball team, which consists of many returning players with a true “hunger” to win.

She says that they are already giving their workouts everything they have and hold an exuberant will to win. So far, there have been no injuries from workouts and no positive COVID cases on the team. The lessening restrictions will allow for more breathing room for games as compared to last year when restrictions were at their strictest.

Coach Mills feels that the team will be very successful in the upcoming season once they have everything in order and all of the kinks worked out, with the conference being very competitive. Especially anticipated will be games against GC’s softball rival teams of Pfeiffer, Averett, and NC Wesleyan. Coach Mills believes that the odds of those games will favor the Pride women.

All in all, Coach Mills is excited to see what the future holds for the team and is eager to be out on the field with her girls this spring. The woman’s softball season is to begin in January and their first game is February 19th at home against Ferrum College.

By Ethan Wilson

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