New faculty profile: Dr. Katie Schwind

by Ashley Hawkes

Far from her home in Lima, Ohio, Dr. Katie Schwind has joined the Greensboro College family as assistant professor of communications and media. This semester, she is teaching Media and Culture, Social Media and Reputation Management, and Scholarly Texts and Contexts. Schwind obtained her Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology at The University of Cincinnati, Master of Arts in Media, Film and Journalism Studies at The University of Denver and her PhD in Media Research and Practice at The University of Colorado.

A portrait of Dr. Katie Schwind.

Before becoming an outstanding professor, Schwind pursued a successful career in advertising, then began teaching at the University of Colorado Boulder and at the University of Denver where she fell in love with the profession.

“I started teaching about four years ago and instantly fell in love with it. I truly do not remember ever dreading school or being in the classroom. Being in a classroom has always felt like home in a way. I am honored to be able to pursue a career that allows me to spend so much of my time thinking about and preparing for discussions in a classroom,” said

Asked what she is most excited for at Greensboro College, Schwind stated: “I am most excited about the students. Every student I have met so far is interested in finding a career where they can have long-term success. I am looking forward to having students explore careers in media, communication, advertising and public relations fields through my classes.”

Schwind is the type of professor who aims to inspire each student, not just disperse information within a class period. But being a great professor
is just one thing that drives Professor Schwind; being a mother, wife and craft beer connoisseur keeps her busy in her home life in Durham, N.C.

On any given day, you might find Dr. Schwind cooking or baking, reading, doing any outdoor activity, watching cheesy rom-coms and even Christmas movies in July, but most of all you can find her inspiring students through her down-to-earth and light-hearted classes where everyone feels at home.


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