The freshman experience

by Chelsee Robles, Grace Dobson and Taylor Cotie

This year was a new beginning for many students. The class of 2026 moved in for their first year of college. Not all first-year students are freshman; some are transfer students who have decided to make Greensboro College their new home. On August 6, all freshmen moved into their dorms. Many sports coaches such as softball, volleyball and soccer helped their new players move in and get adjusted to their new living situations.

We asked some of the new students how they have felt so far here at GC and how their move went.

“I am involved in women’s lacrosse. So far, my teammates have been amazing! I was so excited to meet them,” said Carly Walton, when asked why she chose Greensboro College. “I chose GC because I wanted to further my lacrosse career and because of the criminal justice program they offer. I also love the area and I am close to family I did not see often growing up. Everyone has been really nice and helpful; the school just feels like a community and I feel really welcomed.”

Some students are coming from nearby, but others are coming from far away.

“I am on the volleyball team and my coach helped me move in the majority of the time,” said Jaylyn Tempelton, when asked why she chose GC, if she got help moving in, and how far she is from home. “I chose GC mainly for volleyball, but I also think it is a very positive place and everyone treats you like you are family here. I came from Mount Airy, N.C., and I am an hour and five minutes away.”

“My moving experience was exciting, but I had a lot going on at the same time with moving in and organizing it,” said Jamiya Brown, when asked how she has been handling moving here. “I am involved with women’s soccer. I chose GC because of the environment, which was so welcoming and comfortable and also because of the diversity. The first two weeks on campus have been good with making friends, the classes I am taking and even playing soccer.”

Even the boys had a good move in.

“My move in experience was pretty good,” said Lane McDowell, when asked how his move was, why he came to GC and how far he is from home. “I play basketball and Coach C was outside of my dorm and greeted me and helped me move in. I chose GC to play basketball and it also has a great kinesiology program. I am from Gibsonville, N.C., and it is 30-35 minutes away from campus.”

The Greensboro College first year experience is very important. Everyone should feel at home here. We are one Pride!

Kantley McKnown and family on the move in day.

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