The Collegian celebrates 100 volumes with notes from former editors

I served as a Staff Writer and then later as a Features Editor for The Collegian during my four years at Greensboro College, and I can definitively say that it helped ignite my passion for journalism. I was an English and Communications major with no idea what my career goals would be at the time; I just knew that I wanted to write. Being a part of the student-led team allowed me to explore my passion and creativity outside of the classroom. It also gave me a campus-wide platform to be a voice for the African American and multicultural study body. I still remember the amazing feeling I got from seeing my byline in The Collegian for the first time. I also had some of my work published in The Lyre, which was one of the highest compliments that I could receive about my work. I genuinely appreciate the years I spent at Greensboro College. Happy 100th “volume-a-versary” to The Collegian!!

~Yasmine S. Regester graduated from Greensboro College in 2008 with a major in English & Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish. Since graduation, she has been fortunate to develop a 14-year career as a print journalist for The Carolina Peacemaker, an African American-owned newsweekly in Greensboro, NC, and as a freelance writer and editor.

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