Halloween with a view

by Isabella Ruiz

Cold weather starting in the early mornings, pumpkin spice flavored foods hitting the shelves again and the infamous holiday that is Halloween are all things that are a part of the approaching fall season.

People look forward to this time of year for many different reasons. Some just enjoy the cold weather, while others find every way to celebrate not only the cold weather and scenery, but also Halloween.

Normally on Halloween, people dress up and get together while the younger ones go trick-or-treating. This year, however, Greensboro is adding another free event to the fun-filled holiday. On Oct. 21, Lebauer Park, located in downtown Greensboro, is hosting a “Friday Flicks” movie night in the park. The movie that will be playing is the Disney channel original movie “Halloweentown.”

“Halloweenteen” follows the storyline of a single mom who gave up her witch powers so that she could create a “normal” environment for her three children. During one Halloween, the kids’ grandma, who is a witch, comes
to visit. The kids do not yet know that she is a witch and decide to secretly follow her out the door when she leaves. The kids end up in another world where they experience a spooky adventure.

This movie will be new to some and a nostalgic comfort movie for many others. Since the movie is a Disney film, it is an activity for the whole family. People are allowed to bring a picnic or enjoy a snack while they watch the movie in the park.

The seating for the movie begins at around 5 p.m., while the movie itself actually begins around 6:30 p.m. If you cannot make it to the movie in the park but want to be able to experience it, do not worry. The “Friday Flicks” movie night takes place once a month from fall through spring.

This leaves many chances for people to try to make one movie night, or be able to experience several types of movies under the night sky. In order to find out which movie will be played during a specific month, check out “eventbrite.com” and type in “Friday Flicks.” You will then be able to see which month a movie will play that you and your family or friends would love to watch together.

“Friday Flicks” gives people the opportunity to experience a movie with family or friends on a Friday night after a long week of school and work. This event can create a bonding experience that is relaxing but enjoyable.

Whether you want Halloween to come early, want to watch a movie or just spend a chill Friday night out with friends or family, “Friday Flicks” is a perfect way to experience a movie in a different setting. Spending time outside can be rare for people who work or are in school, however, this event allows people to enjoy the outdoors while being able to see a movie that is entertaining for all ages.

Greensboro’s LeBauer Park featuring ‘Friday Flicks.’

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