Feel better in fall

by Grace Dobson

A turn in season always brings about a change and this fall, that change could come in the form of an ill-type feeling. There are upper respiratory infections, a few viral infections and the flu going around this season.

“COVID has been really minimal. A wave of COVID spread just a few weeks after school started,” states Lauren Childrey, director of Student Health.

The signs of an impending sickness can be attributed to sleep deprivation, lack of nutrition and underhydration. These are simple things that students on campus should be aware of. There are repercussions to the skipped meals and lack of sleep, exercise and nutrition that come from demanding school schedules. Vitamins can impact one’s body greatly.

“It is like trying to run a car without putting gas into it and expecting to perform in the classroom, on the field, on courts and in the theater, to keep pushing through without anything to fuel the body,” Childrey said about functioning on lacking nutritional intake.

She also recommends “taking advantage of the Health Center.” The center provides flu shots, COVID testing, strep testing, urinary testing, bacterial testing, sexual health testing, birth control outlets and primary care for minor injuries. The center can offer over-the-counter medication to students in need at no cost. The Student Health Center is located on the first floor of the Greensboro Building.

There are other avenues available to GC students such as telehealth which can provide additional help after the Health Center hours and even on the weekends. Did you know that this help can even be offered to students that travel out of state to go home?

Also, consider prioritizing your mental health. Greensboro College offers counseling services. Email counseling@greensboro.edu or visit https://www. greensboro.edu/counseling-services/ to be provided with care. New environments offer new obstacles that can impact one’s mental health. Know the signs of declining mental health and get the free help that is offered by the college.

College campuses are prime targets to be hit by illnesses both mental and physical. Stay safe this semester with the help of these programs.


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