Pumpkin patch with a twist

by Isabella Ruiz

Pumpkins of all different sizes and all different colors, including orange and green, are always the main attraction at a pumpkin patch. Going to get a pumpkin is an annual event for many. Not only do people choose a pumpkin to have as decoration, to decorate or to use in a fall-themed recipe, pumpkin patches are also a place for people to take family photos.

When people think of pumpkin patches, obviously, it is the pumpkins that people think would be the only thing there. McLaurin Farms, however, take their pumpkin patch to a different level. When driving into the pumpkin patch, which is located in the large farm area behind the McLaurin family’s house, I was welcomed with fall decorations and a shop that sold items related to fall and farm life.

Pumpkins from the McLaurin Farms’ pumpkin patch.

After passing the cute shop, I saw not only a pumpkin patch, but many festivities going on around it. There was a place for kids to get a glitter tattoo of any symbol and color they wanted. Then, there was an option to ride the train that gave everyone a tour of the farm. Passing through the farm, I was able to see all of the other attractions the farm has to offer,
as well as the abundance of trees that made the view even better.

After riding the train, I went into another small shop that had many different items such as pickled vegetables that were grown at the farm as well as several different kinds of cider.

After seeing all of these attractions, it was time to explore what I came for originally – the pumpkin patch. Walking into the pumpkin patch, I noticed many different types of pumpkins. The area the pumpkins were in also had a small playground for the children, a swing and a tractor to add to the farm aesthetic. The pumpkins were all around and it was so neat to see different kinds of pumpkins that I normally would not see at a grocery store.

To experience all of McLaurin Farms, it cost $18, but included a free train ride, a glitter tattoo for those who wanted, entrance to the pumpkin patch as well as a free mini pumpkin. It is only about a 20-minute drive from Greensboro College; however, it feels like entering a new state with the leaves having already changed color and the peaceful remoteness of the land away from the city.

This pumpkin patch is for people of all different ages. Whether you are taking kids, just wanting to pick out a pumpkin or going for the annual fall pictures to post on social media, the McLaurin Farms has something for everyone. This pumpkin patch is a great way to start off the long anticipated fall season. It brings joy to everyone and is a different twist on an activity that has been a staple during this time of year for a very long time.

More pumpkins from the McLaurin Farms.

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