Haunted West

by Chelsee Robles

Greensboro College’s very own “American Horror Story” came to life on the third floor of West Hall. Let’s set the scene: you walk up the stairwell with Brooke Kinley and Alexis Moore guiding you with the introduction of the original own “American Horror Story” music. You see a spooky room with just a jack-o-lantern, but as soon as you turn the corner you see the real scare.

The first room is set up like season one, “Murder House,” with Linwood King stabbing JaJuan Givens as he screams for help. In the background, there is a bloody bed sheet, a creepy doll in the chair and a few portraits.

The next room you come upon is the “Freak Show” room, where John Felton is dressed as Twisty the Clown, hacking away at Tre Tolbert, who is chained to a bed. John then chases people down the hallway laughing and screaming.

Next is the “Cult” room: You look in and see the room in a dark red with candles spread out in a circle across the room. In the middle of the room is a mattress with Calen Lewis tied up begging for his life. In comes Brayden Gregory with a knife to slit his throat, trying to rid the world of evil.

At first glance, the next room, “Asylum,” is just a room with bloody sheets, but the closer you look you can see Jenna Endsley staring at you in the corner as Raina Hampel performs a lobotomy on her screaming patient Roni Nickerson.

Jenna Endsley, Raina Hampel and Roni Nickerson in the “Asylum” room.

As you walk to the final room, you get attacked by the zombie in the bathroom, Camron Flowers, who is holding the head of his last victim and being restrained by caution tape. The very last room is the “Coven’’ room. As you look into the room, you can see an altar and a small circle set up on top with bones and crystals in the middle. Samantha Ricci is standing in the middle of the room with Michaela Kroll beside her as they chant, “By the time the deed is done, tomorrow morning we’ll be one.” At the end of the chant Samantha stabs herself but inflicts the wounds unto Michaela.

That is not all because as soon as that happens, Chelsee Robles jumps out from behind the door, smacking it hard and screaming. Just as soon as you think it is all over, Khaner Hartley comes from around the corner with a chainsaw, making sure to guide you to where you are supposed to exit.

“I have done this every year since I have been here at GC, and I am gonna miss it when I graduate this year,” stated senior Samantha Ricci during our conversation while setting up the “Coven” room.

Chelsee Robles, Samantha Ricci, and Michaela Kroll in “Coven.”

“I participated in Haunted West because I wanted freshmen to have the same raw thrilling experience I had as a freshman,” Ricci said. “My favorite part was seeing everyone run when they saw me sneaking up behind them. I definitely want to do it next year. I would love to keep
giving back to the community that has given and offered me so much.”

“Next year I would like to possibly see a ‘Stranger Things’ theme,” commented sophomore Linwood King.

“I wanted to participate in Haunted West because it is a program that we help to put together as a ResLife staff and I am an RA, so I enjoy being able to hold these entertaining events for our residents to come experience,” said senior Jenna Endsley. “My favorite part about it is being able to do something that I would not normally get to do as a student athlete on campus. I am graduating in the spring of 2023 so unfortunately, I will not be able to participate next year. I believe whatever they come up with next year will be a great success.”

“We are thrilled to have the beloved tradition continue after the hiatus due to COVID,” stated Hannah Soots.

All in all, Haunted West was a good experience and had a nice turnout. At the end of the tour, people were asked to rate the haunt. Some groups said 8/10 or 9/10, with the occasional 10/10 and even a 12/10.

John Felton dressed for his “Freak Show” room and Chainsaw man Khaner Hartley (L-R).

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