A look back in time

by Diana Castro-Vazquez

This school year, 2022-2023, marks the 100th volume anniversary of The Collegian. This is an exciting milestone for everyone. The Collegian does have an archive where we store previously published issues, but the further back in time you go, the more gaps appear. It is fascinating to look back at articles written decades ago and read about what was happening at Greensboro College years before many of us were even born. In honor of the 100th volume anniversary, we looked through the archive at past issues published in January dating back to 1979.

Clockwise from upper left, January 1979, January 1980, January 14, 2002 and January 31, 1996

The cover article of The Collegian from January 1979 is titled “Staley Lectures Inaugurated” by Bill Owensby. Greensboro College had Dr. George K. Schweitzer as the inaugural speaker for the Tomas F. Staley Distinguished Scholar lecture. Schweitzer’s topic was “Religious Faith in a Scientific Age.” Schweitzer pointed out that science and theology must peacefully coexist. His view of God is that “God is an all-loving being, whose divine will is that all of mankind should be reconciled to Him.” Other topics discussed in the issue include Black student enrollment,
Miss Greensboro College Winter pageant, and internships.

The front page of The Collegian published in January 1980 features an article titled “GC Prepares Spring Musical” by Sarah Hughes. 1980 marked the first time in five years that GC would be producing a musical. The musical was called “Rodgers and Hart: A Musical Celebration” directed by Mr. Leonard Hart. This show included instrumental solos, dance numbers and vocal selections. According to Mr. Hart, this musical could be done with a small cast but he and the administration wanted “to get as many people involved as possible.” Not only were current students in the cast for the musical, but so were members of the staff and alumni. The cast also got the opportunity to work with Mr. Andre’ Tayir, a professional choreographer. The opportunity to work with Mr. Andre’ Tayir was provided through a grant from the Federal Department of Education for an artist in residence on the campus. This issue also included the 1979 Dean’s list and the “Social Life” calendar.

In The Collegian published on January 31, 1996, the main article is titled “Blizzard ‘96 hits G.C.” by Keri Tomlinson. On Saturday, January 9, 1996, the East Coast was hit by a blizzard. Large portions of the roads and parking lots were covered in snow. By the time it stopped snowing on Sunday, January 10, 1996, a foot of snow was on the ground. Tomlinson writes that Greensboro was not equipped for this much snow. The last time the Piedmont had that much snow was in the 1940s. The campus was closed for the first two days of classes and Guilford county public schools were closed for 10 days. For some students, the snow was amazing once they arrived early on campus. Many resident students came back to campus before the storm hit. They had fun making snow angels and having snowball fights. But for other students, it was not so much fun. There were many students who did not get back on campus for days after the storm because the surrounding streets provided obstacles. This issue also included “Smiles & Scowls” where students complained and applauded certain things happening on campus.

The article on the cover of The Collegian published on January 14, 2002, included a profile of a former Greensboro College president titled “Cravin’ Some Info About Craven? The Man behind the College Tells His Story” by Jenn Doscher. Readers find out that when Craven Williams was young he would always wake up early and he continued this later in his life. Williams considered himself a “liaison to the community.” One of his main goals was to “enable students to learn.” Williams was happy to see the many different faiths and religions represented at Greensboro College. “As a minister, this example of a universal church was very appealing to him.” Williams gave due credit to the “biggest inspiration and consultant” in his life, his wife. This issue of the newspaper also included ads, a review of a film, “Jack Frost 2: Return of the Attack of the Mutant Killer Snowman,” horoscopes and another edition of “Smiles & Scowls.”

It is always exciting to be able to see what was happening on campus years ago, and to have the opportunity to read about events that we did not get to experience. You can see these past issues of the newspaper in person on The Collegian bulletin board on the second floor of Cowan.


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