Campus celebrates Women in Sports Day

by Taylor Cotie

Since the late 1800s, sports were traditionally known as male-dominated all throughout the world. Female athletes have long faced various challenges when competing in sports, dating back to the early days. In the year of 1972, the United States Congress created the Title IX of the Omnibus Education Act. This policy was created with the intention of providing equal educational opportunities for both men and women. Unfortunately, this goal did not include participating in sport specifically. However, court rulings have established that all students are entitled to receive an equitable education when it comes to athletics. Until the 1970s, women were not granted athletic scholarships based on their ability and academic credentials. Today, thanks to Title IX legislation, this is no longer the case.

On Feb. 1, 2023, National Girls and Women in Sports Day was celebrated all throughout the world as a message of inclusion for women in all aspects of sports. This day aims to celebrate all women who have participated in sports, recognizing their achievements and the positive impacts they have had on society. National Girls and Women in Sports Day is typically celebrated by engaging communities through events, award ceremonies and activities that can inspire girls and women to be involved in athletics.

Flo Hyman, a volleyball player who fought for women’s equality in sports, died unexpectedly while participating in a tournament in Japan on Jan. 24, 1986. The original Women and Sports Day was set aside specifically to celebrate her contributions. Since its inception, the event has grown to encompass all female athletes, regardless of their level of competition. National Girls and Women in Sports Day is celebrated by schools, colleges, universities and other organizations that promote sports for girls and women. This includes improving the health of female students by promoting a healthy lifestyle including exercise and eating right, developing self-confidence through sport and athletics, teaching teamwork skills as well as providing opportunities to develop leadership abilities.

Fourteen of Greensboro College’s student-athletes on campus are a part of the women’s basketball team. The team, coached by Heather Macy, are in first place in the USA South Conference with a current record of 14-0. Macy has had a successful past few seasons with these ladies. She led the Pride to a record-breaking 17-1 conference performance and 25-2 overall win in the 2021-22 season. She is entering her third season with the Pride, having over 20 years of college coaching experience at other higher education institutions. Coach Macy is one of only 300 coaches in the
United States who received a Certification in Emotional Intelligence in 2016.

On February 1, Greensboro College held a ceremony in Hanes Gymnasium between the men’s and women’s basketball games to recognize our female student-athletes.

Aliyah Whiteside gets passed the ball and looks for her chance to take the shot.
Ta’Keria Legette shoots a 3-pointer against Meredith College.

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