Happiness that is here to stay

by Isabella Ruiz

Stress, resolutions and feeling overwhelmed are things that many experience for the first couple of months in a new year. Some try different hobbies and find ways to help calm themselves and feel happy. Although there are many different trends that are constantly going viral about new hobbies or certain activities to do in order to feel content for the new year, a constant outlet for many of us is music.

People listen to music for background noise, to help feel an emotion or to help cope with a situation they are going through. Although listening to music on the radio or through headphones is easy and effective, nothing beats the electric feeling of hearing your favorite artist in a live setting and the song that brings back a certain memory with a group of people who all feel the same way. There are several concerts happening in Greensboro this year that fit every genre.

Rock ‘n’ roll was very popular in the mid-to-late 1900s. The meaningful lyrics and lingering melody are some characteristics of this genre that have stayed with many people over the years and have even gained popularity from the younger generations. For those who were not alive during the time where rock ‘n’ roll ruled the world or just never got the chance to experience a rock ‘n’ roll concert, your time is now. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and the Eagles are just two rock ‘n’ roll bands that will be making their way to Greensboro.

Bruce Springsteen and his band will be in Greensboro on March 25. With 21 studio albums, Springsteen will play songs from various albums while still singing his hit songs such as “Born to Run” and “Dancing in the Dark” that many people grew up knowing the words to.

The Eagles will be in Greensboro on April 4 for their “Hotel California Tour.” The set list will consist of hits from their album “Hotel California” such as “Hotel California” and “Life in the Fast Lane.” This will give people a chance to hear their hits while listening to new music the band has created.

For years, country has been a genre of music that tells a story. Whether it be about love, family or going through a hard time, country music has been able to encapsulate many different life situations for years.

Brooks and Dunn, a popular country duo who are known for their heart wrenching song “Neon Moon” and their “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” will be in town on August 11.

Kenny Chesney, who has not been in the industry as long as Brooks and Dunn, but has had a constant career releasing songs that make people reminisce on past loves or life experiences, will be in town on April 29. He is also bringing Kelsea Ballerini as a supporting act. She is a young country singer who released country-pop songs in her early 20s and now releases music in her late 20s that focuses on hardships from relationships and the pains of getting older. Chesney’s eccentric and upbeat concert will allow for people to have a good time while hearing country music from two different artists, which is a show for the whole family.

Although these artists and genres of music are not the only ones happening this year in Greensboro, they are enough to create a big music scene in Greensboro and get people excited about newer artists coming to the area as well as seeing bands that have been around for decades.

All in all, life can be overwhelming, especially when starting a new year. The busyness of everyday tasks can make it hard for people to find happiness. The variety of concerts happening in town this year, however, will allow for people to put their worries away for a night and enjoy music – a thing that will always be around for us when we need it.


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