The comeback of Winter Rose

by Heaven Thornton and Breanna Adamick

Toward the end of February, Greensboro College welcomed back an annual tradition it had not celebrated since before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread across the world. The semi-formal school dance known as Winter Rose occurred for the first time in years on Feb. 20, and it was an exciting event for a great many students.

Beginning at 8 p.m. on the scheduled Monday evening and lasting until around 11 p.m., Winter Rose took place at the Proximity Hotel, a luxe, four-star venue just down the road from GC. With a private and lavish ballroom expertly decorated for a night of partying, it was a venue to make anyone feel fancy and excited.

Potted trees stood in several corners with beautiful, sparkling lights wrapped around them, bouquets of flowers and ambient tea lights graced every table, a space by one wall was covered with a shiny golden backdrop for the photo booth souvenirs and more tables lined a few of the walls offering various beverages and an array of tasty food. For those of legal age, the night also featured a bar where an assortment of alcoholic beverages could be purchased. The beautiful setting served to heighten the exciting atmosphere and emphasize what a special evening it was.

The decor, food and drinks were outstanding throughout the evening.

On the subject of the space and amenities, it is of utmost importance to give a big thanks to the staff at Proximity Hotel. The team was so kind and attentive and their hard work, from the lovely decor to the food and drinks, truly brought out the lavish energy of the evening.

As most people began to arrive in small groups over the eight o’clock hour, it became clear that the encouraged semi-formal dress suggestion had been taken seriously. Partygoers arrived donning nothing less than elegance in their suits and gowns. Multiple attendees even arrived fitted in dresses covered in glitter, which caught in the party lights, sending sparkling reflections every which way. It is safe to say that GC showed up and showed out with their appearances on this night!

The majority of people were already present within that first hour or two, and the true festivities began. Unceasing good music kept a fair few people on the dance floor at all times, and when especially popular songs played, the dance floor filled up as more and more people were eager to join in on the fun. Students were, of course, the primary dancers out there, but several faculty members in attendance also added their creative flair to the dancing scene.

Campus chaplain Dr. Robert Brewer could be seen on several different occasions swing dancing, an all-American, vintage and upbeat style of dance, with Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance Ashley Hyers. Most students preferred solo dancing the more modern way, but Dr. Brewer and Professor Hyers demonstrated the utmost class with their preferred dancing style.

Amongst the crowd, the Director of Student Engagement and the primary organizer of the event, Jonathan Hall, could also be seen at least once dancing with GC’s Director of Student Health Services Lauren Childrey. The faculty members joining in on the party with students only served to make the evening more enjoyable for all.

Looking back, a highlight of the night would have to be when the DJ selected “The Cupid Shuffle” as the next song, fairly early on in the night. The majority of people present at that time could be seen actually running to the dance floor as the opening notes sounded, eager to participate in the popular, lively dance. For the duration of the song, there was a very community-like feeling in the air, as nearly all the students, and even some faculty, danced wholeheartedly to the steps in the song. All across the floor, people were hopping, stomping and turning to the beat in the most jovial of manners.

Students enjoying the Winter Rose festivities at the Proximity Hotel.

Another highlight of the evening would undoubtedly be the photo booth. This attraction garnered a steady line of people waiting for their turn to strike a pose throughout the duration of the dance. The station featured a gold, sequined backdrop and an assortment of silly props to hold or wear in photos and included the convenient option to receive a printed copy of your photos as well as a digital version sent via text message. The photo booth was a lovely facet of the night and offered the most personal of keepsakes for guests to enjoy.

GC’s Winter Rose dance was a huge success and a much needed time for many students to dress up and let loose, taking a break from the stresses of the semester for a night. Since its last happening was in February of 2020, the event has been long awaited for many and even more so considering there was talk last year of the event occurring, but the plans ultimately fell through. The hiatus surely brought out the liveliest energy in attendees. The event was a marvelous time for all who attended, and rumor has it, many students are already looking forward to its coming next year.


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