North Carolina Pet Partners visit GC in their time of need

by Sarai Acosta

With finals coming up and the stresses of life piling on, GC’s Counseling Center, in partnership with the Kellin Foundation, provided drop-in support sessions, both individual and group, for anyone who needed it. This happened Monday, March 27, to Friday, March 31.

Additionally, some furry friends stopped by to support us right before finals prep. I got to meet eight furry friends by the names of Bodi, Claus, Chance, Sophie, Duncan, Birdie, Bella and Pearl. I also got to meet all of their handlers and learn some fun things! Dogs can start working as young as one year old, but they have to be properly trained and have a strong relationship with their handlers. They help comfort patients in hospitals, go to schools, read with kids and respond to crises to help survivors.

Thank you N.C. Pet Partners for providing GC with happy memories, and keep up the great work!

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