The power of rock ‘n’ roll

by Isabella Ruiz

Bruce Springsteen is one of the most famous rock ‘n’ roll musicians in the world. From his classic hit “Born to Run,” to “Badland” he has encapsulated his generation while becoming a role model and idol to the newer generations.

Although he has been in the music business for decades, his crowds show up to his concerts and sing along like it is the first time. Springsteen has dedicated fans who have seen him multiple times. Some have even seen him around 70 times. Although Springsteen is well into his career, he still has fans longing to see him even after all of these years.

One of Springsteen’s superfans is our very own Dr. Czarda, the president here at Greensboro College. Dr. Czarda has been a fan of Springsteen since he was a teenager and even saw him perform in their home state of New Jersey before Springsteen became famous.

Recently, Dr. Czarda had the opportunity to see Springsteen for the eighth time. He saw him at the Greensboro Coliseum and was still as amazed and impressed as he was the first time he ever saw him. He described the energy in the room for Springsteen’s entire three-hour set as “remarkable.” He also described how Springsteen’s show this time around was far different than when he had seen him previous times.

Springsteen in the past has added commentary during his shows and has even mentioned politics. According to Dr. Czarda, however, Springsteen did not mention either of these. Instead, he performed songs from his various albums for the full set. Even though a three-hour set for a performer is very uncommon and a very long set for a concert.

“The energy remained energetic and consistent throughout the whole concert,” Dr. Czarda said.

The die-hard fans also did specific hand motions and gestures that go along with certain songs Springsteen sings. Although Dr. Czarda has seen Springsteen in several cities such as Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Va., he always gets extra excited to see Springsteen here in Greensboro. He mentioned that Springsteen and his band love Greensboro and often come here when they are on tour. The energy is always ecstatic and welcomes Springsteen with open arms.

Although Springsteen is decades and albums into his career, he is a prime example of how hard work and art can touch people and resonate with them over a long period of time. For many of his fans, such as Dr. Czarda, they have seen him multiple times and know his songs by heart. The fans long await the day when Springsteen releases yet another album and goes back on tour.

There are some who have a hard time understanding why people pay and travel to see a concert multiple times. Once the feeling of rock ‘n’ roll touches you, however, it provides a sense of connection and comfort that, unlike most things in life, is always there for us when we need it.

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