The Most Diverse Race

For many years there have been issues regarding racism and racial inequality. The separation of races is seen all the time. Even in the school system, school officials make it an obligation to put the percentages of each different race. For Greensboro College, over half of the student population is Caucasian (52%), followed by African American(33%), Hispanic(2.7%), Asian (0.8%), and American Indian ( 0.3%) according … Continue reading The Most Diverse Race

The Veggie Conundrum: Veganism as a College Student

As a college student, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is difficult. For vegan college students, the task is even more difficult. A vegan, by definition, does not eat or drink anything containing animal products. While it is easier to maintain a balanced vegan diet when one is able to prepare their own food, many students living in college dorms do not have that option. Continue reading The Veggie Conundrum: Veganism as a College Student

The Great Eclipse at GC: We Missed It

“The Eclipse of America” was heard repeatedly by excited GC students on the oncoming weeks before the day of Aug. 21, 2017. Many students had classes cancelled to see the show on our main campus, and as I waited around 2:13 p.m. (when the moon began to slide over the sun) with my own friends to see it, on the horizon I saw clouds. Continue reading The Great Eclipse at GC: We Missed It

The Silenced Conservatives

By Joshua Fitzgerald, Lauren Smith, and Meegan McCarthy, Collegian Contributors and Web Editorial Staff (Photo Courtesy of, Even though the Republicans won the election, they became the “bad guys.” Their opponents organized a “rebellion,” even though they were not technically oppressed, and the media embraced it. Some members of the “rebellion,” which claimed to represent the best interests of the country, smashed windows, injured policemen and … Continue reading The Silenced Conservatives

Faith and Facts

                ( Many Christians approach secular journalism with trepidation. After all, many Christians associate secular journalism with hatefulness, untruthfulness, and biased reporting; although these sentiments have existed for decades, the election has made them more noticeable. Furthermore, because religious publications publish most Christian journalism, little information about the true relationship between Christian journalists and the secular media exists. However, my personal experiences may “shed some light” upon … Continue reading Faith and Facts

The Fire Within Us

(Eastern Guilford High School Fire, photo courtesy of It was 10 years ago, November 1st when a community was changed forever. The local high school, so full of life and activity lay silent in ashes on the ground. The Eastern Guilford high school community was affected by a fire that started in a chemistry lab on the 2nd floor. Everyone’s first thoughts were, “It’s … Continue reading The Fire Within Us

Changes to September-October

(Screenshot taken by Joshua Fitzgerald) The Collegian’s website has undergone and is still undergoing a number of drastic stylistic and technical changes to improve the viewing experience. This “changelog” of sorts seeks to explain as many of them as possible. First, the WordPress theme that the website uses has been changed from “Escutcheon” to Canard,” which is much more professional looking. The theme change, of … Continue reading Changes to September-October

The Class Dolls

  (The Class Dolls from 1920-1925, including the doll described in this article; In 1938, Greensboro College’s Alumnae Association decided to reach out to any living members of Greensboro College’s past graduating classes to request that they dress a doll in an outfit representative of the year they graduated as a part of the college’s centennial celebration. More than 75 years have since passed, … Continue reading The Class Dolls

Just a Typical Stereotype

(Pumpkin Spice Latte, photo courtesy of   What’s the definition of a “typical white girl?” because I have no clue what that means and I do “typical white girl” stuff. Okay I admit… I buy pumpkin spice Frappuccino’s and love Starbucks. Yes, I like their frozen non coffee drinks. However, I am poor most of the time so I can’t buy Starbucks a lot. … Continue reading Just a Typical Stereotype