My First Super Bowl


For a long time, I did not have a television. Instead, I used computers to entertain myself. However, when I got to college I discovered quickly that television programs were something I enjoyed a lot, and I hoped this year’s Super Bowl would be no exception. According to tradition, my friends and I ordered pizza to enjoy along with the game.

To be honest, I don’t understand the big fuss about this game. It was rather dry and rough to watch. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Patriots fan and we didn’t make it to the Super Bowl (thanks, Broncos), so I was biased against it from the start.

The commercials, however, were a different story. I think the funniest commercial I saw involved Kevin Hart breathing down his daughter’s boyfriend’s neck during their date night. The Doritos commercial featuring the baby that desperately needed a Dorito was also hilarious. There were also some ads that were confusing or uncomfortable, such as the bizarre “puppy monkey baby” Mountain Dew commercial. That one is stuck in my brain permanently.

I suppose that I was expecting too much from this game because it was the 50th Super Bowl and because the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos (the team I was against because of the New England loss) played each other. Still, I was left unsatisfied as a new viewer.

Admittedly, the game was intense in the first quarter. However, it dragged on for the next three quarters, so it bored me because I knew who was going to win early on. I wasn’t expecting such a major loss from the Panthers, as they had been doing everything right during the regular season. I suppose the Broncos were ready for them; perhaps they studied the Panthers’ moves intently before the game.

I was initially disappointed that the Panthers lost, but the best team came out on top in the end.

I know I enjoyed the commercials and Lady Gaga’s rendition of our national anthem. I did not really enjoy Coldplay mixed in with Bruno Mars and Beyoncé during the halftime show. It was odd to me. I’m not saying that it was bad, but I never imagined those artists together. Still, it was certainly an interesting show.

I know that I will continue to watch the Super Bowl with my friends as long as I am here at Greensboro College, and I look forward to seeing the Patriots (hopefully) come out on top next year. Even though the Panthers suffered a tragic loss, they played fairly and well. I am very happy that they made it to the Super Bowl at all. I wish them luck and hope they will be on top next year!

(This article was written by Meegan McCarthy).

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