The Longest Ride- Book Review


          In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I will be reviewing a Nicholas Sparks book! Who writes better romance novels than he? Well… I’m sure a lot of people do but that’s not the point. The point is that it isn’t Valentine’s Day without Nicholas Sparks. Almost all of his books make me cry. That’s how he works.

          However, there are some of his books that do not involve someone dying. This is not one of those books. Someone does die in it- but let me explain. There are these two people who meet- Sophia Danko and Luke Collins. Sophia attends Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, while Luke is a bull rider wanting to make it big in the PBR Championships. Sophia and her roommate decide to visit a Rodeo in McLeansville, North Carolina. There, she meets Luke Collins.

          Then, we meet Ira Levinson who happens to be 91 years old. He has found himself in a sticky situation. There’s a blizzard nearby and he’s stuck in a car down an embankment, where no one can see or hear him. While he’s there, he has hallucinations of his wife Ruth and the time they spent collecting paintings together. He also reflects on the dark time during WWII and the precious moments he got to spend with Ruth.

          Meanwhile, Sophia is intrigued by Luke because he is nothing like the guys at her school. She finds a different life through Luke- a life of danger and excitement while living on a ranch. When she and Luke fall in love, she finds herself imagining a different future than the one she previously had in mind. Luke holds that future in his hands as he has a secret that could possibly change his future and Sophia’s forever.  What they don’t know is their lives, together, are about to change… for the better, as Ira Levinson’s and Luke and Sophia’s lives are about to collide. One night, Luke and Sophia are driving, and they find tire tracks leading down an embankment. There, they find Ira trapped in his car. They call the ambulance and he is taken to the hospital. What happens after that… well, you need to read the book.

Keep Reading everyone!

This article was written by Lauren Smith.

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