The Greatest Rivalry in Sports


(Picture Courtesy of Google Images)

            Any sports fan knows that the UNC-Duke rivalry is the greatest rivalry in sports. It is a “must watch” rivalry is because of the consistent success of both programs. The two teams have met 26 times since Roy Williams took over Duke back in 2003, and Duke has posted a 16-10 record over UNC during that time. This year, Carolina and Duke have already played hard against each other, which is normally the case during most years anyway. They came into the Smith Center on February 17th and Duke stole a 74-73 win. However, Carolina would get their revenge a few weeks later with a win at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how much better the “Heels” are than the “Dookies.” Duke may have won more games the last few years, but Carolina leads the all-time series, which shows that UNC is clearly the better basketball team. The Tar Heels have had an exceptional record the last few years, so if they keep playing so well a national championship could be making its way to Chapel Hill this year. We have already claimed the regular season’s ACC title and the ACC tournament championship title this year, so adding a national championship only seems right.

After all, if you look at the great players that have come from both Carolina and Duke, you will see that most of the talent has come from UNC. The greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA was a Tar Heel, Michael Jordan. From James Worthy to Vince Carter to Jerry Stackhouse, the list of greats that played for Carolina goes on and on.

Although I am a Carolina fan, I will admit that Duke has the better coach. Coach K. is an exceptional coach and is arguably one of the best college basketball coaches in the history of the game.

It does not matter who you pull for, because when these two teams play it’s important to watch. It is almost like watching the national championship every time they play each other. This is and most likely will always be the greatest rivalry in college sports.

Oh, and just so we are clear, light blue is always the best blue.

Tar Heel nation!

Article written by Tyrell Bartell.

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