May the Best Blue Win!



(Picture Courtesy of Google Images)

Growing up in NC is great! The weather is not so great… so what does make North Carolina so amazing?

What makes North Carolina truly amazing is College Basketball. I have never been fond of actually playing sports. So, one would naturally think I hate sports- which is wrong. I love sports. I love volleyball; it is quite fun.

However, basketball is so much enjoyable to watch, especially when Duke University plays UNC. The Duke-UNC rivalry has to be one of the best rivalries in college basketball.

For a Duke fan, there are good and bad times. We may not always have good seasons- and this is not our best. Still, we also have our great seasons, like last year when we won the NCAA Tournament!

Here are the rules of being a Duke fan:

  • Stay classy. We Duke Fans have an image to uphold and do not want to be tarnished by the “Tarholes.” We are gracious losers and gracious winners.
  • Never ever use the word “Tar Heel.” We call them “Tarholes” or “those who must not be named.”
  • If you are friends with a “Tarhole” (I am friends with several), that friendship ends the day of a Duke vs. Carolina game. You do not know each other until the end of that game.
  • If the “Tarholes” win, give them credit where it is due. Again, we have standards to uphold.
  • However, if we win, make sure we let people, including the Tarholes, know how proud you are of your team.
  • On Game Day, wear Duke Blue (If we win). Again, I say: wear Duke Blue! Duke Blue is the beautiful blue in the picture above. “Tarhole” fans will try to trick you and make you think that because the sky is blue that you should be a Carolina fan. Don’t listen to them. That theory is 100% false. We have no shallow beliefs that our team is the best because its colors coincide with those of the sky. We are realists and we are down to earth.

Reader, now think logically! Which team would you rather pull for? The team with the baseless theory or the real, down to earth, team? When choosing a North Carolina team to pull for, think hard and choose Duke!

Oh, and by the way, here is another reason to pull for Duke. If you are a Greensboro College fan then you should also be a Duke fan, as Duke is our D1 (division 1) sister school. You don’t want to betray your school, do you?

Happy March Madness, everyone!!

Article written by Lauren Smith.

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