Voter Apathy


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Voter Apathy occurs when citizens believe that their vote won’t make a real difference. Young voter’s apathy is a pandemic that demands attention. This election season has shown a spike in young voters; specific occurrences have drawn attention from the upcoming generations. Young adults my age are finally taking a real interest in politics and trying to make a difference in their country. In my opinion, there is finally a politician that our generation feels they can stand behind.

This was the first election season that I registered to vote. I felt the need to at least make a vote against a certain politician that I do not agree with. I am not one to follow politics because the thought of our government angers me with the way it works. The way certain politicians are running this election is startling to say the least. The things they are promising to do upon presidency is reminiscent of the Hunger Games in some instances.

Much like other young people I feel a certain “bern” when I think about this election. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything this politician says. You certainly don’t have to accept everything they say, but it has become our job to make sure the best fit person enters office. This means that even if you can’t find someone to stand behind you should at least find someone with the best intentions for our country.

When I was in high school I took a civics class and, much like many other high school students, I didn’t pay much attention. We need to find a way to stress to our younger brothers, sister, friends, and children that taking part in elections is important and that coming together and agreeing to vote is the only way that you can make a difference. There are countries that require their citizens to vote. This might be a good way to get more people involved but it may also be counteractive creating a passive aggressive attitude towards the government and politicians worse than before.

Many teens and young adults feel that this government is inadequate and demonstrates a lost cause. This younger generation, our generation, needs to come together and have an awakening. We need to realize that the only way we are going to change things is if we educate ourselves and our children after us. We cannot keep looking at this as “not our problem” because one day it will be our problem. One day is going to come faster than you think. We have to ditch the idea that we can overlook the atrocities that are going on and let certain things from our government slide before it’s too late.

Educate yourselves. Register to vote. Then go and do it! You can’t complain if you refuse to help out and try to make a difference.

This article was written by Savvy Bowen.

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