“Cradle Song” Makes History at Greensboro College

(Emily Parker and Albin Pettersson in “Cradle Song,” photos by Claire Sellers)

This Thursday, Greensboro College’s Theatre Department will be premiering their production of “Cradle Song,” which is set to be the first production of the musical in over 30 years.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the director, Perry Morgan, to discuss his thoughts on the musical he has loved since first seeing it in New York. “It was a fabulous show, and I met Mary Bracken Phillips (the playwright) after the show and I said to her ‘Mary, this show is fabulous and wonderful and you don’t need to change anything about it… I want to produce it one day.’”

“No one has ever done the production outside of New York,” said Morgan, “and maybe our production will give the show a little bit of life again.”

It was an incredibly humbling experience, watching Morgan glow as he expressed his love for this musical, and his art. Through directing this production, Morgan hopes to tell the story of a family that is like so many other families whose story has yet to be heard. “These are people we don’t ever hear about… to have a show that’s written about people who go through this, and experience this, is wonderful. It helps to tell that side of the story, and hopefully we can get that type of dialogue going again.”

Cradle Song tells the story of a family who experiences many of the parental struggles that occur in life, but are rarely talked about. It is a mature story that gives a deeper, authentic insight into the daily lives of the working family, and tests the strength of a family’s ability to unite again after experiencing tragedy.

(Luke Powell and Emily Parker in “Cradle Song,” photos by Claire Sellers)

Morgan has greatly expressed the importance of using this art for good, stating “when we do a show, we should use our talents for a greater good, because that’s what they’re there for. They’re not just there for us to make money and live off of them, but we need to be able to use what we’re given to help others.”

This charitable mindset has led the production team to partner with Heartstrings, an organization that works with grieving families in the Triad area. Donations for Heartstrings will be accepted at every performance, along with a special event on Saturday night. Tickets to the Saturday night gala are an exclusive price, and all proceeds will go towards Heartstrings.

Cradle Song is being performed in the Annie Sellars Jordan Parlor Theatre, Main Building, Thursday-Saturday, April 14th-16th at 7:30pm, and 2pm Saturday-Sunday, April 16th-17th. All of the performances are free for students except Saturday night, the night of the gala. Students are still welcome to attend the gala, however a $25 donation fee is required that night only.

This is a production you won’t want to miss, and to learn more about the show please visit https://www.greensboro.edu/news-events.php?p=467

To learn more about Heartstring’s mission, or to make a donation, please visit http://www.heartstringssupport.org/

This article was written by Amanda Owens.

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