Princess for President



            Let’s imagine a world where we could choose anyone to be a president. I mean choose anyone. We wouldn’t be limited to 2 candidates who are, most of the time, some stuffy senator from a state I rarely hear of. Who would it be? Celebrity, mom, dad, your best friend? I asked myself that question a few days ago and here’s what I came up with. If I could choose anyone to be president of the united states I would choose Princess Diana. The “People’s Princess.” I know what you’re thinking. A Princess for President of the united states? I know it’s odd. Also, if you’re close to me you know how obsessed I am with British…everything. The reasons behind this decision are valid. One reason she should be president is because of her major humanitarian efforts. She was princess and yet she still took time out of her days to go and sit with children in hospitals, to sit with the sick and dying patients. Every Christmas she also took her kids to homeless shelters with toys because she wanted to remind William and Harry that there were people out there less fortunate than they were. She wanted them to know that helping those less fortunate was always good. She also had international humanitarian efforts as well.

She would be good with foreign relations. She was always on good terms with the leaders of India, and other countries she visited. She has real world experience. She was the first “commoner” to marry into the British Royal family. She was 19 when she got married to Prince Charles but before that she was a working girl. She worked as a nanny, she went to school. Up until she was 19 she was just a regular girl. She knows what the middle class and working class has to go through. She can relate which would make her more real and relatable. She also did a lot for charities as well. I think, in times of distress, she would keep her head and would do well under the demands and pressures of the office of President. She would also be our first female president. She was divorced but I think she could have easily found someone.

She would promote equality for all races, genders, and religions. She saw no color. In the 80’s when AIDS was still unknown she would go into hospitals and hold peoples’ hands not knowing, at the time, how you could contract AIDS. She was a big advocate for ridding places of Land Mines. She raised awareness for it up until the time she died. She would connect well with everyone because everyone loved her. I think, if she were here, I would vote for her. Which is why this year when I go to the polls, instead of doing a straight party ticket I will do a write in. I will write in her name. If you care to join me, you can. Our options are limited and not very good. So why not join me and vote Princess for President.

This article was written by Lauren Smith.

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