Masters Behind the Shoes!



(credit unknown)

A few students at North Carolina A&T State University had a great idea to bring affordable clothing to the Greensboro area, specifically for students. Creator of the project “Underground Apparel” is Mr. Donte Howard along with David Scott, creator of the partnership line of shoes “HeatVizion“.

Their ultimate goal was to create a store that would be convenient for college students to shop some of the best brands for a very affordable and reasonable price. The clothing store has taken off very quickly!

“Having such revenue with the clothing store, sparked the idea for a shoe line”, says David. The upcoming buy/sell/trade shoe store is named HeatVizion and is for those who cannot afford the shoes sold at the mall and other higher priced locations.

Underground Apparel” will be opening at the end of October. The opening is looking to have a great turn out. The store will be located on East Market St. besides Tasty Grill and the M&M convenience store.

This article was written by Darrah Roberson.

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