New and Old Clubs Recruiting


(photo courtesy of Jonathan Hall)

Many clubs and groups are recruiting for new members! Though some of you may be wondering why you should even join them, they look great on resumés (for example, if you are part of a club for four years, they will consider you dedicated and contemplate even hiring you or giving you an opportunity to show your work ethic).

This is my second year as a Collegian member and I am going to continue writing because I actually quite enjoy this club. You don’t have to write on one subject (like politics) but you can choose whatever you like; we encourage it.

Countless clubs will help you out if you participate and help them in return; it’s a two-way street where after four years of hard work, you get an amazing recommendation from the advisor of that group. Each club has amazing opportunities available to you if you ask the advisors and leaders of the clubs.

Here are just a few looking for new members:

Alpha Xi Delta is a sorority looking for new members to help them raise money as its main goal is to support research for a cure for Autism, while Theta Xi is a fraternity is a new club looking for members as this is its first year as an official club/group. You can find information about both groups around campus!

Journeys in Public Speaking is a new club looking for members to teach public speaking. It also wants to create a school debate team; the Black Lives Matter Vs. All Lives Matter event that occurred recently was hosted by the group. You may contact the advisor Dr. Lough at

History Club is a history club seeking to educate and teach Greensboro College historical facts and stories. You may contact Dr. Sistrom, the advisor, at

And finally, The Collegian runs the school newspaper. If you are interested in joining us, we meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:45 PM in Cowan in room 206!

This article was written by Meegan McCarthy.

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