“Breakout” from the Escape Room

            “My name is Ron Swanson, in general I try never to speak with people, but I have been drinking this snake juice thing and it is d*** good, you should buy it.” (stranger) “yeah okay, thanks man.” “Son, you should know that my recommendation is essentially a guarantee. Drink this, now.” –Parks and Recreation

I would like to steal a quote from the great Ron Swanson and say that my name is Graham Monroe, and in general I try to not speak with people, but I have been to Breakout Games in Greensboro and it is dang good, you should go. If you don’t believe me, believe that the only other things I feel comfortable publicly endorsing are Tylenol, Gatorade, and STHL leaf blowers, all of which I have used for many years on a very regular basis.

I have played two of the four rooms at Breakout Games here in Greensboro (located across from COSTCO on Wendover) and I will very briefly explain my experience in the room called kidnapping. Basically, at Breakout, they stick you in a room and you have to “break out” of it within 1 hour’s time, figuring out multiple clues along the way. In the “Kidnapping Room,” I lined up outside of the room with a group of people as they handcuffed us and blindfolded us before we went into the room. Me, my friends and a few people I didn’t know (getting to do this with strangers is actually MORE fun than doing it with friends in my opinion, and I prefer being alone at any given moment) walk into the room, blind folded and with handcuffs on when the game master chained us all to a structure in the room. We listened to our game master give us a few safety instructions and then the clock started. Within 5 minutes we were finally unchained, and seemingly without blinking we solved multiple puzzles and we had 3 minutes left. We were on the last clue as we were frantically entering in numbers into a keypad to make our final escape. We failed…we were told if we had maybe 30 more seconds on the clock we would have made it!

To check out more, go to breakoutgames.com/Greensboro.

This article was written by Graham Monroe.

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