Changes to September-October


(Screenshot taken by Joshua Fitzgerald)

The Collegian’s website has undergone and is still undergoing a number of drastic stylistic and technical changes to improve the viewing experience. This “changelog” of sorts seeks to explain as many of them as possible.

First, the WordPress theme that the website uses has been changed from “Escutcheon” to Canard,” which is much more professional looking. The theme change, of course, changes font colors, layout, and a number of other design factors. Most noticeably, however, the background is no longer a dead-looking, ugly greenish color—it’s now a clean-looking white.

Second, the navigation system has been overhauled to be less cluttered and more automatic. The menu at the top of each page has been redesigned so that most of the links are now under either a “News” or an “Entertainment Features” category, which ensures that viewers are able to locate what they are trying to find without sifting through unrelated tabs. Many of the pages with links to articles, such as the home page, the “GC News” page, and the “Entertainment” page are now automatically generated, which reduces the posting workload on our staff and ensures that their layout is more or less uniform. Furthermore, because the home page is automatically generated, announcements are no longer posted directly to the home page itself, but are rather inserted into their own pages. This declutters the home page significantly and also helps make the home page’s layout uniform.

Third, we are preparing to migrate the website from to another website host. The website will still use the WordPress engine, but we will also be able to create and use plug-ins (pieces of software which enhance the functionality of WordPress) on the website. This will allow us to customize the theme of the site, add code that allows us to streamline the posting process, and even add “bells and whistles” like moving elements. As an added benefit of choosing certain hosts, such as BlueHost, we will become able to create staff emails with our domain name—emails such as—and will receive more storage and viewership capability.

The following months will prove to be an exciting time for viewers of The Collegian’s website. We plan to continue to develop and improve upon our website, just as we have already made many improvements already. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Let us know whether or not you feel that we have improved the website by e-mailing us at

This article was written by Joshua Fitzgerald.

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