Halloween Costume Contest


 (The winning costume, “Three Peas in a Pod.” Photo taken by Olivia Miller.)

The seasons are changing from summer to fall and from fall to winter. The leaves on the trees outside are changing colors, meaning one thing: the holidays are fast approaching! Most people’s favorite holidays are usually Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween is another favorite. Parents wait for little kids to dress up as their favorite super heroes, and dentists wait for the holiday to pass so they can gain some new clients who have cavities from eating too much candy. Everybody has his or her reason for loving Halloween.
Around Halloween, we had an event at the library in which our students got to enter a costume contest. We had several different students come in to the library throughout the day, but there could be only one winner. The winner of this contest would win a $25 gift card to Chipotle. After the librarians resolved their difficult choice, the participants who dressed up as “3 Peas in a Pod,” (Mackenzie Flemmons, Natalie Ritchey, and Laine Waltson) were declared the winners of this year’s Halloween costume contest! The winners will be splitting the gift card evenly.
Olivia Miller and the rest of the staff in the library would like to thank everybody who participated in this fun event—not only the students but also for the faculty and staff! Make sure you know of any upcoming events happening around campus by checking your Greensboro College email or here at thegccollegian.com. Go Pride!

This article was written by Kristopher Taveras.


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