Me Before You Book/Movie Review


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Recently I had the pleasure of reading, “Me before You,” by Jo Jo Moyes. I also followed that up with the movie. As a staunch supporter if literary things, I always recommend reading the books before the movies. Another one of my rules is that the book is always better than the movie. In this case this proves to be true. I loved reliving the story. In case you missed it here’s a rundown of the story. Have you ever had a fictional character impact your life? That’s Louisa Clark. She lives in a small town in England, has an uneventful life, and is happy to be living the one she has. She brings in money for her family by working in a small café.

When the café is shut down she’s sent home with the burden of telling her parents. She gets hired by Camilla Traynor who is hiring care for her paraplegic son, a 6 Month contract position. Louisa starts her job with will. They have some ups and downs together before they both realize they like being in each other’s company. Louisa finds out he gave his parents 6 months with him before he takes his own life. She then starts to come up with ways to get him to enjoy life. On these excursions, they learn even more about each other. The book holds a special place in my heart. The movie was good and I was pleased with it. However, they were left out some major parts but the overall plot was untouched. One of the scenes I wished they had put in the movie that they had in the book was when Louisa told Sam why she likes the life she has. It’s because she messed up one night and got drunk, she was humiliated by a group of guys. That was her low point.

It shows depth and vulnerability that could have added so much more to the movie if added. The casting was good as well. They picked Emilia Clarke to portray Louisa and Sam Claflin plays as Will Traynor. They couldn’t have picked two better people to portray Will and Louisa than Emilia and Sam. The minor casting choices could have been better. The two casting mistakes they made were with Treena and Patrick, they didn’t portray how annoying and mean these two characters were well enough. I liked the movie Treena better than book Treena.

It was a bad script call when they made Patrick out to be the victim when he wasn’t. In the book Patrick is supposed to be the, “bad guy,” as in, he opposed the time she’s spending with him. In contrast, the movie makes him more like-able. He gains sympathy points in the movie. Both the book and the movie are good but I always favor the book. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give the book a 5 but I must give the movie a 3. Overall the book was amazing with amazing characters who impact lives. The movie, not so much. It is a great read and I would recommend either one to anyone interested. Keep Reading.

(This Article was written by Lauren Smith)


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