The Angry Rants Guy


(Graham Allen’s Facebook page)

Every week, Graham Allen “rants” about a topic on his web show “The Daily Rants Guy.” Any subject receives his wrath; he rages about everything, from elections to Halloween. However, he has lately become popular for his political videos, which, for example, discuss Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Meryl Streep, who made an infamous, controversial speech at the most recent Golden Globe Awards.

Even though he “rants” about politics incessantly, Allen, a “good old” American veteran with “good old” American values, loves his country no matter who is president. After all, although Allen’s videos are entertaining, they also make relevant points about the current political situation.

For example, Allen posted a video after Donald Trump’s inauguration titled “What we ALL want to say to the Inauguration Protesters.” In the video, Allen shows his viewers a map of the U.S. completely covered in red, demonstrating that Trump is everyone’s president—president of both his supporters and detractors. He then criticizes protesters who break the law; he cuts to a scene in Washington D.C. which shows a limousine that protestors set on fire. Later, he references Madonna’s comment about “blowing up the White House,” noting that “If I wanted to even touch Donald Trump’s hair I would be assassinated.”

Sometimes, Allen’s videos draw inspiration from his personal experiences. For instance, Allen initially planned to attend the inauguration; however, he missed the event because his plane was overbooked. Therefore, on Inauguration Day, he posted a video which discusses life and its unexpected disappointments.

Allen’s audience is mainly conservative; Allen himself takes right-wing stances in his videos. Although his political positions occasionally engender opposition to his videos, he provides people with other perspectives that will hopefully provoke discussion.

Allen posts videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Even if you do not agree with his political positions, his videos are hilarious and enjoyable. They are also “fun for the whole family”; his videos are clean and profanity-free. Why not watch his inspiring, funny videos and laugh off the stress of this charged election season?

This article was written by Lauren Smith.

2 thoughts on “The Angry Rants Guy

  1. What an idiot one would have to be to be entertained by such a low IQ – precisely what’s wrong with our country – nevermind the hypocrisy.. how come Graham didn’t post a map of the whole country being blue when Obama was everyone’s president?

    Meanwhile – it’s far from patriotic to be so ignorant as to support profound corruption, pathological lying, collusion with an adversary (basically selling our country out) & all in order to appease his insatiable narcissistic disordered nefarious self.

    Seems like Graham should educate himself on the principles this country was founded on before he prides himself so arrogantly on being so smart.

    & If he was someone that actually understood Jesus, then he would know that Jesus ALWAYS stood against those of trump’s ilk

    Jesus would never support trump (or build a wall, or have a gun, etc)

    Anyway… Typical ignorance.. they always think they’re so smart

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