Rogue One

Rogue One takes place immediately before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The movie finally reveals how the Rebels steal the plans used to construct the Empire’s ultimate weapon: the Death Star.
As Rogue One begins, former scientist Galen Erso lives on a farm with his wife and his young daughter Jyn. Originally, Galen was the Death Star’s head engineer; however, he retired after the Empire replaced the Republic. Apparently, however, the Empire needed Galen; consequently, the insufferable Orson Krennic arrives to force Galen to resume his work because the Death Star’s construction had stopped. Because Galen knew that Krennic would eventually come to abduct his family, Jyn hides in an underground bunker constructed to protect her. She watches Krennic kill her mother and abduct her father; however, a family friend Saw Gerrera luckily arrives to act as a surrogate parent for her.
Ten years later, the Rebel Alliance rescues Jyn from an Imperial prison vehicle. They transport her to Yavin 4, where she meets the Rebellion’s head commanders. The Rebels tell Jyn that they need her to establish a rapport with Saw Gerrera. The Alliance brands Gerrera an extremist, but it needs his rebel cell’s manpower to bolster its own. Furthermore, an escaped Imperial pilot had a message from Jyn’s father for Gerrera. The Alliance claims that it wants to help Galen Erso escape from Imperial captivity to testify in court, but in reality it wants to kill him to stop the Death Star’s construction. Jyn initially hesitates, but the Rebels obtain her cooperation by offering to wipe her criminal record clean.
To accomplish these goals, Jyn joins Cassian Andor and K-2SO,  a reprogrammed Imperial security droid. The three Rebels travel to Jedha, where Gerrera has made his base of operations. They find Gerrera—but they find the Death Star as well.
Rogue One was a beautifully dark movie. The movie movingly demonstrates the desperation of the Rebels’ cause; it clearly shows that, in the galaxy, all hope is almost gone. The only defenders of justice, the Jedi, have been completely wiped out or have been forced into hiding. We highly recommend this movie to anyone, even if he or she is not a Star Wars fan. It is an action-packed, comical, good movie that hooked us as a decent spin-off should.
This article was written by Sol Burnett and Sarah Gabriel.

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