By Kendall McLeod, Collegian Contributor


(attribution unknown)

            Three months ago, Pokémon: Sun and Moon were released. They certainly appear to have lived up to the expectations set by their predecessors, with a 9/10 score from IGN!

Pokémon: Sun and Moon are the latest RPG games from Game Freak. Right now, they are the most popular Nintendo 3DS games.
Pokémon: Sun and Moon take place in the Alola Region of the Pokémon world, which was inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. The player character is a young child (who is implied to be 11 years old) who has just moved to the Alola Region from the Kanto Region. Only a few days after the move, the Regional Pokémon professor, Professor Kukui, approaches the player. He asks the player if he or she would be willing to attempt the Island Challenge, a series of Trials on the region’s islands that are a rite of passage for young Pokémon trainers. After choosing a starting Pokémon, the player proceeds through the Island Challenge, simultaneously getting tangled up in a conspiracy that threatens the world!
The Pokémon in Sun and Moon represent the Alola region’s special characteristics. Although some people find flaws in them, I personally appreciated the new Pokémon. The Pokémon in Sun and Moon are either completely new or are redesigned and retyped versions of Pokémon that have appeared in previous games.
If you know someone who wants to begin playing with Pokémon and isn’t sure where to start, Sun and Moon would be a very good game to give them. Pokémon: Sun and Moon follows new rules that govern how Trainers complete the game. In previous games, players would need to go to Pokémon Gyms and earn badges to compete against the Elite Four and eventually against the Region Champion. Although Sun and Moon does not have badges, the Island Trials give new opportunities and fun activities to battle with the powerful-Totem Pokémon; from having to cook a meal to attract the praying mantis-like Grass-Type to taking pictures of the shy, but mischievous Ghost-Type, no two trials are exactly alike.
Also, the game does its absolute best to make sure players know the “in’s and out’s” of a battle. If the player has battled a particular Pokémon before or has registered it in the Rotom Dex, the game will tell the player what moves have the greatest effects. In total, Pokémon: Sun and Moon seems designed to ensure that one feels welcome to a twenty-year-old franchise.

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