Senior Investiture

Written by Lauren Smith, Collegian contributor

Saturday April 8 the senior class, alumni, faculty and staff gathered to celebrate a timeless tradition here at GC. The Student Investiture. It began in 1995 and it’s a  ceremony that honors the students of the GC Community who are able to graduate. At this ceremony, each student is presented with a medallion. This is a part of the entire graduation regalia that we wear during both the baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies. Students each went up and received their medallion which signified their eligibility to graduate.

During this ceremony the Alumni awards were presented to their recipients. For the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award, Julie Schatz was the recipient. The recipient of the 2017 Alumni Excellence Award was Dr. Patty Daub Keller. The Recipient of the Young Alumni Award was Donald Watkins and for the Outstanding Teaching Award, Dr. Palmadessa was the recipient!

Faculty awards were presented later in the ceremony. Dr. Michelle Plaisance received the Virginia Clarke Gray award. This award is presented to a faculty member each year. It is presented to faculty who have only been teaching at GC for less than 5 years. President Czarda was presented with a check for the school as a gift from the past alumni in attendance. This gift will go towards the renovation of the dorms.

There were also alumni honored who passed on this year so we all took a moment to remember them. The ceremony only took about an hour and a half which wasn’t too bad. This was included as a part of Alumni weekend where alumni came and watched the future being honored. There were only a handful of seniors but it was a special moment nonetheless.

The Greensboro College Alma Mater was sung at the end as they reminded the seniors what we have coming up next:


Friday May 12 Baccalaureate/Commencement rehearsal and Graduate Luncheon-

10 am

  • All graduating students meet in Cowan Lobby. A luncheon for all graduating students will be provided.

Baccalaureate Participant Arrival

4 pm

  • All graduates and their cappers gather in finch.

Baccalaureate –Odell

5 pm

Saturday May 13, – Cowan

8:30 am

  • Graduating students gather/ class photo

Commencement – Front Campus

10 am

(From left to right: Melanie Smtih, Davis Cahill, Suzanne McClenaghan and Paul Freeman, Photo courtesy of Michelle Hines)

Senior Investiture

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