Game of Thrones: A Book Review

By Lauren Smith, Collegian Contributor


(picture courtesy of Lauren Smith)

“Game of Thrones” is a long but intricately woven web of stories and well developed characters. At first, a person who picks up “Game of Thrones” may only see the size and cover of the book. However, once the reader dives into the world of “Game of Thrones,” he or she is instantly sucked in.

The characters Martin writes about are well developed and addicting to follow. The main plot of “Game of Thrones” follows many different characters. Although the book is written in a 3rd person narrative, it gives us insight to different characters in the story. Martin, the author, placed each character and event carefully so that it would almost be set up like a chess game. This characteristic of the book gave it the name “Game of Thrones.” The reader can see the complex moves made for the almighty, coveted, Iron Throne. In the end, several people fight over the throne, but throughout the story, Martin  moves the pieces on the chess board into the final arrangement.

There are so many characters to follow; however, Martin gave each their own voice and characteristics. As the book progressed, he introduced us to new characters with intricate storylines within the major overarching theme of the book. I will never know how Martin made “Game of Thrones” so intricate.

“Game of Thrones” can only be described as a web that was intricately woven and spun in the right places at the right time. All characters and parts of the web connect to make a larger story. In the following books in the series, Martin makes the web even bigger; nonetheless, the original is a well-thought out and well-executed story that was both entertaining and suspenseful. I give this book a 5-star rating. It has everything, wrapped up into a juxtaposition of contrasts—contrasts between good and evil, and between love and violence.

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