Preview: Women’s Soccer 2017

The Greensboro College Women’s Soccer team kicked off their 2017 season on September 3 at Pride Field against Brooklyn College. I was able to set up an interview with head coach Gus Mota to ask him a few questions about this upcoming season.

I asked Coach Mota, “After losing five starting seniors from last season, do you feel that the freshman you have brought in will fill that hole successfully?”

“They’re going to have to,” he said. “We were fortunate enough to have brought in 15 freshman and one transfer in this year’s class. Our seniors last year had their best season in their four years, but overall we were a fairly young team. The majority of our team this year will be made of freshman and sophomores and it’s not a bad thing whatsoever. The team understands this season that they are going to have to play like upperclassmen to compete this year.”

Prior to their first season game, I asked him how preseason has prepared his team to make sure that this game will be a positive start to their season.

“This has only been my third season at Greensboro College,” he replied. “I would say without a doubt this preseason has been the hardest on the team. We’ve increased the number of practices this year with a strong focus on fitness. We have a lot of away games this year and it’s never easy playing away from home. We wanted to make sure this year that we were mentally strong to play on the road. Warren Wilson will provide our first challenge away from home and we’re hoping all the extra fitness has paid off.”

Lastly, I asked him what the outlook for the 2017 season will be and what he hopes to accomplish.

“We hope we can continue our success and momentum from last year,” Coach Mota said. “Last year’s team had a record setting year accomplishing new records for Greensboro College and the USA South Athletic Conference. We were able to win our first playoff win in six years while accomplishing winning season in back to back years. We want to get to double digit wins this year in hopes that we make it three years in row accomplishing that. We’ve felt what it’s like to win a playoff game so our ultimate goal is compete for a conference title. The season is young and we still have a lot to improve on, so as of now we are just going to take it one day at a time.”

Article by Laine Walston
Photo: The women’s soccer team (Photo by Wes Gullett)

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