National Folk Festival Returns to Greensboro

By Tyler Fuller
The National Folk Festival Returns to Greensboro (Photo Courtesy of

The National Folk Festival is returning to Greensboro for its third and final year. This year’s gathering marks the 77th year of the festival’s cherished history. In 2016, nearly 140,000 people attended the event, and speculation points to an even larger turnout this year. The event runs from September 8 through the 10 and aims to celebrate American culture and heritage in all of its rich and diverse forms, all free of charge.

Over 300 individual performers are slated to attend, and the festival includes everything from singers to storytellers to dancers. In addition, 50 musical groups have confirmed an appearance. The event will be spread across seven different stages, a variety of locations and will feature several themed attractions including the North Carolina Folklife Area, the Family Activities Area, the North Carolina Arts Marketplace and the Festival Food Courts. The North Carolina Folklife Area includes a myriad of traditional North Carolinian art and music, while the Family Activities Area focuses on interactive performances and attractions for children and their families. The Arts Marketplace has invited 55 unique artists and specialized craftspeople to sell and display both traditional and more contemporary works. Lastly, the event will also feature a bounty of cultural cuisine and local restaurants at the Food Courts, including local favorites such as Ghassan’s Mediterranean Eats.

At the heart of the festival are those who volunteer their time to help the event run smoothly and ensure the enjoyment of each and every visitor. As a result, the event requires over 1,200 volunteers, and sign-ups are still open, so if you or a friend is interested, please visit to learn how to get involved. For more information including seating, directions, scheduling and more, visit the official website of the event at

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